Hayden City Council Reflections

I made it for the last part of the workshop about the city contract with the Sheriff Department.

What the Sheriff said tonight, and what he said Saturday at the Town Hall, need to be heard by all people who live in Kootenai County!

I have heard the Northern Lakes Fire Chief Riley say the same basic things as the Sheriff. In the public comment tonight, I requested that the city invite both Sheriff Norris and Chief Riley to speak at the Town Hall on June 10 at 6:00 pm at the park next to City Hall.

It is a very important component of the entire picture of the growth and density that these cities have planned for us.

“For years we have not expanded our infrastructure to meet the growing population.”

Sheriff Norris

Please call the city and email the Mayor and Council members asking them to invite Sheriff Norris and Northern Lakes Fire Chief Riley to speak at the Town Hall on June 10th.

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  1. Hopefully, the Sheriff and Northern Lakes Fire Chief will be invited by the city to speak at the Town Hall on June 10.

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