CDA People

We still do not have a group leader in CDA. Until we do, I will work to organize CDA.

We are forming sub-groups for each city to be more effective and efficient.

We are looking for members to help organize as we move forward and into the November elections.

Each city needs to find qualified candidates to replace the current pro-growth incumbents.

The group has hundreds of people in each city. Probably 99% answered the: “What is your interest in the group” question by saying that they don’t want the area/their city to be ruined by the growth and density. The only way to prevent the continuation of what is ruining the area is for members to come out from behind their computers and organize and be active. If we can’t do that, the area is doomed to be consumed by the development that we see.

Of the hundreds of members in each city, I hope that several can step up and help.

Please comment here if you are willing to help. If you have not already, please go to the website Home page and subscribe so that I can contact you.

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