Planning and Zoning Meetings are a Waste of Time

If you need any more proof that attending and speaking at a Planning Commission meeting is a waste of time, then you should have attended the Hayden meeting tonight.

Before I get accused of personal attacks, this has nothing to do with the individuals on the commissions. It has to do with their decision making process.

The room was packed and there were numerous letters in opposition to the Hayden Meadows Subdivision requesting 53 houses on the old CDA School District land that was used for soccer and other recreation fields.

Everyone, including the developer admitted that the traffic on Maple and Finucane was going to be major problem. Maple is a narrow street already and now will be a major ingress and egress from the subdivision. Everyone spoke about the loss of a large green space and the importance of a place for the kids to play. Everyone talked about the density, traffic, the crowding, the stress on the infrastructure and services, etc…

Yet, the commission unanimously voted to recommend it to the City Council for approval.

People don’t seem to understand that the Planning Commissions don’t have any decision making power in these issues. They simply recommend or not that the project move to the Council for approval.

The Planning Commissions look at the applicants project and compare it to the criteria. If it meets the criteria, then it is approved; regardless of how many oppose it.

The people who sent letters and spoke in opposition need to send those letters to the City Council members and the Mayor. They need to pack the room and speak when it comes before the Council for approval.

The Council does have the authority to deny or put conditions on the project. The Council members and the Mayor make the decisions and those are who you should pay attention to.

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