Post Falls Festival

If you saw what happened, and how it happened, at the Post Falls Council meeting on Tuesday night, you understand the importance of replacing the pro-growth Council members and the Mayor.

I know that this is very late, but if you want to make a difference and can help this weekend, we need people who will spend some time at the Post Falls Festival at Q’emiln Park today, Saturday and Sunday handing out flyers and talking to people about what the growth is doing, and the planned growth will do, to the city.

If you can give a couple of hours this weekend, please contact Howard Burns at:

The people of Post Falls, and every city, who are not in the group, do not understand that the Comprehensive Plan is facilitating the city to accommodate 103K people in the city limits in the next 15-20 years. The current population is around 36K people. The people do not know, or believe, that they can change the direction, through voting in slow growth candidates. The people have been told that the city is limited by state statute, but that is not entirely true.

The city can manage the growth and density of development and people. The city is under no obligation to annex land into the city. If they do annex, they can manage the density with zoning, or conditions on development.

The above information needs to get to all of the people of the cities who are not in the group and believe that there is nothing that they can do. If you are concerned, the only way we can change the direction is with your help and action.

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