Appeal of Post Falls Zone Change Contributions to Filing Fee Requested

Post Falls Resident will File an Appeal to the Council Zone Change Approval last Tuesday!

As expected, the city of Post Falls does not make it easy, or inexpensive to file and appeal. Does that surprise anyone?

The Fee is $350.00

If you are willing to contribute, please comment below and I will let you know the process to get your contribution to the individual who will be filing the appeal. Anyone can contribute, but Post Falls people,,, this is to help you.

A big part of this is to get the media to cover the appeal.

Most of the residents of Post Falls don’t follow this closely, and didn’t see the hearing on Tuesday. The elements of the appeal need to be presented to the people of Post Falls.

Growth is the number one issue and will be the number one issue in the November election.

I don’t know exactly what the appeal will say, but I am going to imagine that it will spell out the relationship between the Council member; the Broker and the Developer.

Please, small contributions from enough people will make this happen. For a simple example: $12 from 30 people will cover it. $10 from 35 people.

We can do it.

I’ll find out for sure, but I assume that it will have to be done within this coming week.

Please comment and I will contact you to let you know how to get your contribution to the individual filing the appeal.

2 thoughts on “Appeal of Post Falls Zone Change Contributions to Filing Fee Requested

  1. I would be happy to contribute. I am not from Post Falls but I am willing to help where I can.

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