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Did you get a Facebook notification about the post on Facebook?

In reality, if you came here from the link on Facebook, you had to click the link. It took you to the blog page, where you had to click on this post. Very much like scrolling down the list of posts on Facebook.

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Facebook Sample Post

  1. Whichever way you decide to communicate via FB or email works for me. Thanks for keeping us all updated. It is much appreciated!! One thing I wanted to post is there is going to be council meeting in Post Falls at 6pm. I hope there will be people that live in Post falls area attending the meeting to voice concern about the rezoning and growth along McGuire Road.

  2. A council meeting tonight in Post Falls at 6:00??? I just went on the city website and there was nothing on the calendar. Rathdrum has a Council meeting tonight at 6:00.

  3. FYI – I did not get a notification for the new post leading here (under the bell icon, I don’t get any emails or text notifications from anyone at all). On my Android, I was able to click the Google icon for WordPress, but it never connected (spinning wheel). On my laptop, it immediately connected to the site and I was obviously able to leave a reply. I have a login for WordPress (it’s been around for a LONG time) but don’t think I was logged in.

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