Will You Leave?

It’ 5:00 am and, as is somewhat usual, my phone just chimed with a PM. Basically, the person said that they would “leave” and not follow the group if I didn’t go back to allowing comments on Facebook instead of on this website.

Well, and I brought this up yesterday; so that says to me that the person is not really so much committed to the goals of slowing growth and density, but rather what is easiest for them is more important than slowing growth.

Here’s what I don’t understand/appears to be a disconnect, and would like to hear your comments about. So many people say that they are extremely concerned about the growth and density and want to change the direction. People say that the current decision makers need to be replaced with people who will change the direction of the cities. So many people say that this group is important to achieving those things. So by leaving, what are you really saying? If you leave the group, what will you do come the election? Will you still organize, in some form, to find and elect slow growth candidates? I hope so, and if you do without being in the group, that will be great! I don’t care how it gets done, by what vehicle it get done, as long as it gets done.

I have had people say that by closing comments, I am making Facebook my “own private comment page.” No,,, if you click on the link, as you had to do to reach this post, you can comment below in the Reply Box, just like you can comment on the Facebook page. You can even check the box below the Reply and get notifications when someone responds. And I’m a direct guy, which sometimes people don’t like, so yes,,, I started this group and spend almost all of my time doing something related to the group. So, as hard as it is for some to understand,, I am the person who ultimately decides how the group will function.

I get the phone calls, texts, emails, PM’s and when people have an issue with the group, they associate it with me. I am the one who the CDA Press called a “twisted soul” in their editorial about the name calling etc… that occurs on the page. I am the one who gets the phone calls and communication from city staff and public officials when they see something in the group that they don’t think is appropriate. It is on my front door that people show up. So yes, I am going to determine how the group functions.

There are three primary reasons why I feel this works best:

First, too many odd things have happened with the Facebook page. People have been moved around on the member/blocked list, and even disappear from the members list. I don’t know if it is a glitch in Facebook, or what causes it. I want to get away from Facebook for many reasons. Using a website allows access to the group for those people who are not on Facebook; and there are a lot who do not use Facebook. If, something happens with Facebook, let’s say they don’t like something that I post on my personal page, and block me from using Facebook, how do I monitor the page?

Second, I am tired of getting PM’s (at all hours of the day and night) from people complaining about a post or what someone has written. So, the website allows me to see the comment before it goes public and I can avoid, hopefully, getting those complaints. Yes, it will be a slower process, because I have to approve the post before it is posted.

Third, is that the website facilitates reaching people with information specific to each city and area. If for some reason, something happens with Facebook, (it gets put in Facebook jail, I get put in FB jail, FB censors what content is allowed, etc…, the website will allow us to remain in contact as a group. If Facebook has an issue, the member list will not be accessible, so how do we communicate? As we close in on the November election, the contact list from the website will allow more specific and direct contact and organization by city, without having to push out information to everyone in the group about things in cities that don’t pertain to their city.

The comments that have particularly left me wondering, have been about people wanting to keep Facebook so that they can “vent.” I started this group, primarily, to get information out about growth and density; about Council meetings and decisions; about what is needed to contact elected representatives, etc… I did not start this to particularly end up as a discussion forum. As one person said when asked why they were in the group,,, “For entertainment,” I am not spending so much time so that people can be “entertained.” If I am going to “entertain” maybe I should start selling tickets?

So, if people “leave” the group, so be it. If the group disappears, so be it. If that happens, then to me, it shows that slowing the growth and limiting density is not really as important as people say. I hope that people stay and are committed to being active and involved as we close in on the November election. But things will be what they will be.

Please give your honest feelings and comments. As long as you are civil, I’m a big boy and can handle whatever you have to say.

26 thoughts on “Will You Leave?

  1. I agree and totally understand where you are coming from. I will continue to be in the loop on your pages even if the comments directly on Facebook are off so that at a minimum I have information about my neighborhood that I can choose to act on or not.

  2. I’m having a bit of difficulty wording what I want to say, it might not come out exactly how I want but I’ll try. First off your effort time and energy on behalf of responsible growth is amazing. Thank you. Turning off comments is ok. People are lazy and addicted to fb where they can vent. If people leave they leave. But that should not slow you from still using fb to inform. And what I feel is by far the most important information are names and history. Names of council members and mayors. Who have repeatedly and consistently voted in favor of all growth. Those who are in bed with the developers.
    Some people on fb are busy. Some are lazy. Some love to bitch incessantly. Some are a combination of all. They are ALL against this growth. They need someone to do their homework and guide them towards who they should vote against/for. I made a comment once that suggested that a sample ballot be presented that would list responsible growth candidates and you jumped all over me for that. That it was a terrible idea and people need to do their own homework to figure out who are the best candidates (the Idaho gop sent me a sample ballot once, I liked it). Maybe so but in the name of being honest here people are inherently lazy. They will vote against irresponsible growth if given the voting records on fb or wherever. I have started a list by city of “the bad guys”. I was going to post those names to help others so those who don’t want growth that haven’t done their homework will know who to say NO to. I can’t vote in PF Hayden Rathdrum or CDA. Yet I care A TON what happens. I’m ready to donate my $$ and time to spread the word. It needs to be very very concrete absolute information, not “hey man if you don’t like it, go do your homework to figure out which candidate to vote for.”.

    1. Sally, in regards to the “Do your homework issue.” By reading posts and articles, etc… you are doing research and homework. By homework, I mean research, look at a variety of sources of information, listen to a what a variety of people say, ingest as much information as you can. My point about the “sample ballot,” is that if that is all someone uses to make a decision, without doing anything on their own to make sure that what the ballot is directing actually reflects the values of the person, then, IMO, that person is relying on another to vote for them. If someone gives a person a “sample ballot” and that person knows that the person or issue that the ballot recommends truly is representative of their values, morals, concerns, etc… then I am fine with that. But IMO, I struggle with just taking the word of a person(s) without being sure that what they are saying, truly reflects my values, morals, concerns, etc… By making the list of “bad guys” you are doing research and homework. If someone, or a group gives you a recommended list, you can compare it to what you have on your list. That is my point. I didn’t mean to “jump all over” you. I just think, IMO, that people should, as you are doing, be sure that what they are being given, and recommended to do, reflects who they are.

  3. Good for you Ed. I really hope the group can stay together. If we can really get the people out and Vote come November maybe we can change what’s going on around here. I know I’ve tried for years, but they won’t get off their butt and Vote! Maybe this year.

  4. I understand your position. I plan to try to stay up to date following your links.

  5. I second Jay Routson’s comment. Would add one more thought… You said some responses you’re getting are “people wanting to keep Facebook so that they can “vent.” ” Boy, does that sum up how people on FB behave, in general. I say, if you lose any of those “followers”, you’re better off (and so are we all).

  6. This is a lot simpler than I expected. Hopefully you can get some amount of a personal life back while still working towards this common goal!

  7. Makes sense to me. This was pretty easy to get to. I just appreciate all your hard work. I love checking in to stay informed. My personal thought is if people have an issue with how you choose to run the site you created, they are always welcome to start their own. Regardless of what format it’s done on as long as it’s moving in a positive direction that’s what matters. To often people use Facebook as an outlet to complain

  8. Not sure how much help I can be, somehow I got old, but I totally support you and this cause. I have been here 15 years and my children probably 30 years and I hate seeing this growth explosion.

  9. This forum is working great. You can’t please everyone and I hope in time the group will stand for shared goals of the community. I am sorry you have been attacked Ed but I have been in groups like this before and it seems common. People attack what they are frightened of and there are many in this area that have benefited from the growth industry. Getting different people in municipal government is a great strategy and the place to start.

  10. Don’t use Facebook, never will. Zuckerberg will have to work harder to get my info. Web site fine and a big thanks for your time and effort

  11. I appreciate all of your hard work and if this works better for you, than those of us who are truly invested in helping the cause will adapt to the change. The website legitimizes the efforts of the group and conveys the seriousness of the problem and our dedication to a solution.

  12. I support this decision to move away from FB to website. However, it’s unclear whether you’d like to completely annex the FB group from your project, or if you simply want to keep it up as an announcement board without possibility to comment. I hope it’s the latter and you plan to keep the FB group, just without ability for people to create posts or comment on posts.

    This sounds more like a FB page as opposed to FB group…

    1. Nik, yes, in fact, ten minutes ago, I was just thinking how to classify my intent of the use of the Facebook page and came up with exactly as you describe. Basically it will serve as an “Announcement Board.”
      People can still submit Posts and the website post links will be posted, but if people want to comment, they will have to do so on the website. I struggle with the differences between a Facebook Page, or Group, or Public or Private, etc…
      I am not going to eliminate the Facebook page. All of the info that would be posted there normally will continue to be posted. The only difference is that the title’s of the posts will be on Facebook, with the link to the body of the post and the ability to comment on the website.

  13. Don’t spend time worrying about FB. Those who are sincere and earnest about this issue will follow the cause here. If not, nothing lost.
    Ed, I think you are fretting too much about accommodating everyone. Do what you think to be the best. Take a few people as trusted advisors and move forward. You don’t need a full consensus. Thank you for all your effort and passion.

  14. Thank you Ed for all you do and the information you give and the time you put into it all. I will be here and hope I can contribute at some point to this great cause

  15. I agree with Doreen. Do what you need to do to achieve the goals you set for the group. Thanks for all you do.

  16. For what it’s worth, shutting down the Facebook page is just what Lil’ Al has wanted since you kicked him off. By shutting it down you have done exactly as Al wants. It makes little difference to me, I’m most likely moving out of the area but It would be a shame to see YOU accomplish what Lil’ Al could not. How can you be sure a lot of the negative stuff isn’t coming from Al himself or other members of the city councils? How hard can that be? Feel free to contact me privately if you wish.

  17. We greatly appreciate what you are doing. Like many people, I dread the idea of getting involved in politics, but see no alternative. Until three years ago I lived far enough out in the boonies (Newman-Hauser area) to ignore CDA politics, but now that I’m living here, I’m appalled at the leadership of what I thought was a “conservative” area. It seems like development of the region is controlled by a tight network of incredibly wealthy titans, who have no regard for the preferences of the “serfs”. The problem is not just city councils, though–county, and state officials are also complicit and need to be replaced. And this in “North Idaho”, supposedly a bastion of freedom. It’s past time to wake up.

  18. I will always advocate that FB is the more dynamic and effective medium. My main concern is that the website does not gain as many members who will vote in November. You have like 2500 FB Members and even if 30% actually vote Vs (hypothetically) less than 2500 members on the website and 30% vote, it’s just basic math as to how many votes will go to challengers. Now, having said all this, I’m a pretty compliant, retired military type. I just had my say and will support your decision 100%. I am hopeful that some great candidates will soon emerge and that we can get behind them and shake things up in November. And finally, you personally have put up with enough abuse and have selflessly poured your time in energy into the FB Page and much deserve to get some of your life back. Thank You Ed!

  19. Just a thought, I think the website name can be improved. Currently it does not tell anyone enough about what it is. Maybe something more like, “slowthegrowth.com” or “slowthegrowthni.com” Seeing one of these type url’s on a bumper sticker, flyer or such will serve as as active recruitment tool to people not already familiar with group. It’s been a few years since I was engaged in hosting websites, but I believe that a new name can be re-directed to migrowth.com behind the scenes. If you think this has any merit maybe solicit ideas on the website name

  20. I prefer to see posts on Facebook, easier to access. But I don’t generally find comments helpful. So informative posts are helpful there.

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