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My name is Yevgeniy Pinchuk. I live in old Rathdrum with my four girls (Lily, Rose, Violet, and Willow) and my wife Jacqueline. I have long held a passion for politics. I am a Reagan conservative, and serving on the Rathdrum City Council would be an honor.

I have been involved with the Responsible North Idaho Growth movement since the early days, and I have been an active participant at the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings. I am locally active and engaged already, and I feel like my knowledge and experience can help Rathdrum grow responsibly in the future.

Why I am Running

Like many Americans, I am proud and thankful of the fact that we have a representative government in the United States. I am running because, unfortunately, I no longer feel like the city council represents the best interests and the will of the residents of the city of Rathdrum.

Earlier this year, the Rathdrum city council held multiple events on growth, and even with an overwhelmingly negative public response, they continued to push with their smart growth agenda. There have been numerous actions on behalf of the mayor, city attorney, and the council that impress upon many that they are working for the developers rather than the people. Sadly, the focus for this city council is economic benefit (more tax revenue) and not the welfare and wishes of their constituents.

That is why I am running this November for Rathdrum City Council Seat 1!

My Promise

My promise is simple. I will commit myself to the best interests and welfare of the current residents rather than the developers. My goal is to slow down growth and allow local roads, schools, utilities, and emergency services a chance to catch up while the city examines the impact and cost of growth.

What that means in simpler, more concrete terms:

  1. Stop new annexations while we examine how many current developments are in progress and have been approved but not built, and what their impact to the community will be.
  2. Focus on increasing the capacity of our roads, schools, utilities, and services to catch up to the growing population.
  3. Shift the focus back to building open space, low-density projects in the prairie.
  4. Ensure that new development pays for the cost of growth instead of the current residents.
  5. Improve government transparency and citizens’ engagement with their political representatives.
  6. Retain the small town feel of Rathdrum that we all love.

Responsible Growth

There is a vast difference between smart versus responsible growth. Although logically it doesn’t feel like this should be the case, there is a difference.

Smart growth is what the current city council advocates for. It falls along the lines of Agenda 21, which calls for diverse housing options and sustainable development. We, as residents, are seeing the impact of this “smart growth” manifest itself in greater density developments. These always pass on the pretense of affordable housing but instead bring increased traffic and slower services. I, like many, feel that nothing about recent growth has been smart or affordable.

Responsible growth still allows for growth but does so in the best interests of the community i.e.

  1. building affordable homes instead of apartments and condos
  2. managing traffic impacts before it impacts the community and not after
  3. making sure that schools, parks, and services grow before the population does

There are ample ways in which a city council can manage growth, ensure that the new development bears the costs associated with growth, and build truly affordable housing in the area, not just in name only.

November Election

As you and your loved ones ponder who to vote for this November, I simply ask that you consider the candidate’s commitment to the responsible growth cause long before the election approached. There are many that are running under various endorsements but ask yourself: How many city council meetings have they attended? How many times have they spoken at a P&Z meeting? Is their interest in city politics newfound or proven and steady?

With me, you don’t have to ask these questions. Vote Pinchuk 4 Rathdrum this November!

You can always find more information on my stance at Vote 411, Watchmen Ministries Voter Guide or reach out to me on Facebook!

To learn more about a responsible growth candidate for Rathdrum City Council’s Seat 3, checkout Fox 4 Rathdrum.

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  1. Great job… thanks for standing up for your local constituents. Special interest groups are ruining America.

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