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Greetings Neighbor,

    Together with my wife Judy and our dog “Maddie”, we moved inside the Rathdrum city limits and into  our home at 13403 N Grand Canyon a little over 8 years ago.   During that time, we’ve seen a dramatic  increase in annexations to the city and new subdivisions with hundreds of new homes added every year.  And the City is planning for 10,000 more people and 3500 new homes over the next few years. The increased demand for services has touched just about every facet of our lives 

    This tremendous growth has been promoted by the City with little to no regard as to the impact this growth has on existing residents.  We’ve all have to endure the traffic congestion, (even in Rathdrum), and traffic on Hwy 41 is projected to increase 64% over the next few years.  Our fire and ambulance services provided by Northern Lake Fire District are stretched to the max with manpower shortages and longer than acceptable response times, all due to the growth in our area. Northern Lakes is already asking for a $2 million permanent annual increase for fire and EMT services.

    Schools are overcrowded and Lakeland School District (SD #272) just announced it needs 12 more teachers this year due to the increase in the number of students but no money in the budget.  New and bigger schools will be needed soon.  Our sewer system, which is connected to Post Falls, is reaching capacity and upgrades will be expensive. 

    So, who is going to pay for all the upgrades, improvements, and budget increases made necessary by land development and the growth of new homes being built?  Unfortunately, it will be you, me, and the rest of the existing residents in Rathdrum and the surrounding area through levies, bond issues and property tax increases.  Developers are not paying for any of this cost impact on existing residents. Help me change this by slowing down growth, assessing developers, and avoiding annexations.  The enclosed flyer lists what my priorities will be if elected.  I would appreciate your support and vote on Nov, 2nd.


Michael Fox


If you’d like more information about my vision for responsible growth in Rathdrum, please check out my Facebook page or the Kootenai GOP, Watchmen Ministries and Vote 411 surveys.

To learn more about a responsible growth candidate for Rathdrum City Council’s Seat 1, checkout Pinchuk 4 Rathdrum.

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