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Why We Exist!

We the People Want a Change in Direction of Growth!

We the People of Responsible North Idaho Growth (RNIG), want to see a change in the direction of annexation growth, and density of developments in the cities of north Idaho.

We the People of RNIG want the Mayors, Council members, and Community Development/Planning and Zoning staffs to change their direction of annexation, growth, and density of development.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document, not codified law. The cities have the ability, more so, the obligation, to consider the health and welfare of the citizens of north Idaho as a community as a whole. The cities can tell a developer that he/she can-not have what the property next to them was granted. Based on the grounds that the factors and cumulative affects of growth and density of development are now more negative on the community as a whole, than when the property next door was approved. The cities have the ability to change the direction, they have to want to do so; they have to want to represent the will of the community as a whole.

The annexation and density of development that the cities have approved, and appear to be aggressively pursuing, is not what the people of north Idaho want to see continue. The affects of the increased population, and the density of development, are causing a deterioration of the day-to-day quality of life. The increased over-crowding of the schools, and just about any public place is untenable. The increasing traffic is the most visible aspect of the growth. The increasing stress on law enforcement, courts, fire and rescue, sewer, solid waste, and services of all kinds is unsustainable. The elimination of the open space, natural areas and vegetation, and the overrunning and trampling of wilderness areas that comes with the exploding population increase.

Therefore, the citizens of North Idaho demand that the cities elected officials and staff change the direction of annexation and growth and development. We the People demand that the cities give more weight to public input and comment. We the People demand that the health and welfare of the citizens of north Idaho be put ahead of the profit of developers, and desire for new revenue streams to the city. 

We simply want a slower pace of growth and a better plan for the future on how we can preserve the quality of life and maintain support for our local communities.

How We Enact Change

Our Mission is to preserve and protect North Idaho communities from rapid growth that threatens the quality of life for all current and future residents.

Our Values are simple: Respect. Collaboration. Results.

Our Vision is that the voice of the communities is heard and honored by local governments as they set their legislative agenda for the future.

Our Goals are to elect city councils and mayors that represent the will of their constituents for a slower, more thought through, processes of annexation and expansion.

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