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Kootenai County Commissioner Candidate – Bruce Mattare

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Mattare, who happens to be a candidate for Kootenai County Commissioner. This was my first-time meeting Mr. Mattare, and he came across as very intelligent and informed on the issues facing our beloved Kootenai county. He leaned on his experience as Sheriff Bob Norris’ campaign manager,Continue reading “Kootenai County Commissioner Candidate – Bruce Mattare”

Fox 4 Rathdrum

Greetings Neighbor,     Together with my wife Judy and our dog “Maddie”, we moved inside the Rathdrum city limits and into  our home at 13403 N Grand Canyon a little over 8 years ago.   During that time, we’ve seen a dramatic  increase in annexations to the city and new subdivisions with hundreds of new homesContinue reading “Fox 4 Rathdrum”

Pinchuk 4 Rathdrum

My name is Yevgeniy Pinchuk. I live in old Rathdrum with my four girls (Lily, Rose, Violet, and Willow) and my wife Jacqueline. I have long held a passion for politics. I am a Reagan conservative, and serving on the Rathdrum City Council would be an honor. I have been involved with the Responsible NorthContinue reading “Pinchuk 4 Rathdrum”


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