Kootenai County Commissioner Candidate – Bruce Mattare

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Mattare, who happens to be a candidate for Kootenai County Commissioner. This was my first-time meeting Mr. Mattare, and he came across as very intelligent and informed on the issues facing our beloved Kootenai county. He leaned on his experience as Sheriff Bob Norris’ campaign manager,Continue reading “Kootenai County Commissioner Candidate – Bruce Mattare”

Hayden Meadows Prelim Plat Approved

Well, the Hayden City Council just approved the Preliminary Platt Plan for the 53 homes of the Hayden Meadows Development. Although the room was full with standing room only, Council members Panabaker, Saterfiel, and DeLange voted in favor, and Council member Roetter voted to deny. The primary issue was the discussion of the new trafficContinue reading “Hayden Meadows Prelim Plat Approved”

Moving from Facebook to Website

As with most things, evolution and moving forward requires constant evaluation and adjustments. I am trying to find a streamlined way to communicate, as well as have a more secure site. I am trying to move away from Facebook ASAP. I am getting very leery of thngs that are happening on the Facebook page. Eventually,Continue reading “Moving from Facebook to Website”